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Benefits of Floor Mat Service

5 Benefits of Floor Mats at Work: Why You Need a Floor Mat Maintenance Service

Another one of the many things we worry about (so that you don’t have to) is all that dirt that wants to come into your business or organization. With people coming and going all day—and their shoes, packages or dolly wheels having been who knows where else—bucketloads of dirt (seen and unseen) get tracked into your offices every single day. The good news is that 80 percent of that dirt could be stopped by a heavy-duty floor mat. The bad news is that without having those floor mats regularly cleaned and switched out, their effectiveness at keeping dirt at bay wanes significantly over time – until it’s like having no floor mat at all. This is why floor mat maintenance service is so crucial for workplace hygiene, and even safety. Northern Virginia companies can contact Loyal Hygiene for our expert floor mat service. We will come and switch out the floor dirty mats with professionally-cleaned mats on a regular basis. If that doesn’t already sound amazing enough, there are 5 more reasons your company needs this commercial mat service now:

1. Floor Mat Service is a Smart Health and Safety Choice

We know that commercial-grade floor mats are there to help keep the dirt out of your buildings so they stay cleaner. But they also serve some critical safety purposes as well. Floor mats soak up moisture from wet shoes on rainy and snowy days, which can prevent many slipping and falling accidents. Moisture wicking floor mats can prevent all kinds of liability problems, and keep everyone safe. If there are any areas around your business where water collects, or could be tracked in by someone or something, our industrial-grade floor mat maintenance service will switch out and launder these mats, providing fresh, clean ones on a regular basis to prevent slips, falls and other accidents. In fact, we have a variety of mats to choose from so that you can select the right amount of absorption, traction and dirt resistance for any area within your business.

2. A Commercial Mat Service is Good for Marketing 


Of course, people notice how clean your offices or facilities are when they walk through. And cleanliness means something to people, particularly clients or prospective clients. A dirty, slippery, unsafe, unclean workplace says, “Whatever.” That is not the message you want to send to anyone, clients, employees or otherwise. On the other hand, using a commercial mat service like the one Loyal Hygiene provides, keeps dirt and moisture out of your building, which keeps the place looking fresh, clean and safe. This sends a completely different message to clients and employees: “We care about you, and we care about the details!” And that is exactly the message you want to send!

3. Our Floor Mat Maintenance Service Reduces Fatigue

Fatigue reduces productivity and can lead to accident and injury, so every step should be taken to eliminate it. One particularly difficult fatigue situation in many businesses is what happens to employees after they’ve been standing and working for several hours on a hard floor. Pain in the feet, knees and legs can be distracting, which can lead to inattention. Fortunately, our floor mat maintenance service can provide cleaned, padded mats that provide a great deal of cushion to reduce fatigue and pain so that employees feel better and can concentrate better. And because we regularly switch out, clean and maintain the mats, the ones you get on a regular basis don’t develop weak spots where the padding is exhausted. It’s always fresh, clean, springy and fatigue-reducing!  

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Loyal is a great company with great people. Whenever I have any issues they get resolved quickly and they are quick to get me stuff I need.

 Alex B.   May 13,  2019

4. Restroom Mats and Urinal Mats

If your business hasn’t tried out urinal mats in the men’s restroom, you’ve been missing out on something fantastic. The average men’s bathroom floor can be... well... nasty, especially in front of the urinals. Urinal mats, which are moisture-absorbent, anti-odor, anti-bacterial and biodegradable can reduce all of this unpleasantness significantly. Although we do not recycle these mats, they are 100% biodegradable and we will dispose of the old mats on a regular basis while switching them out with fresh, new ones. Used urinal mats should be switched out with new ones every 5 to 7 days depending on your men’s room traffic. In addition to urinal mats in the men’s room, all restrooms can benefit from a mat around the sink area, particularly in school restrooms where water can get splashed during the handwashing process. This cuts down on slips and falls too, which improves safety and prevents water getting tracked elsewhere in the building.

5. Industry-Specific Floor Mat Service

Our industry-specific floor mat service is great if your needs on the production floor, in the kitchen or factory are highly specific. We even have heat-resistant floor mats that stand up to welding sparks and temperatures. Our floor mats are extremely durable, oil- and chemical resistant. Depending on your needs, you can also have anti-slip, anti-fatigue floor mats with drain holes and other features that are specific to the needs of your shop floors.  

The Floor Mat Service Northern Virginia Businesses Count On

Your business, your clients, your employees and anyone you serve deserves to have the best in workplace safety and hygiene, and our top-notch floor mat service delivers the goods! Experience a cleaner, safer workplace today with our floor mat maintenance service. Contact Loyal Hygiene today at (703) 361-7888 and we can discuss your specific needs!

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