Commercial Hygiene Solutions company in Centreville, Virginia - Workplace Hygiene Services

Commercial Hygiene Solutions company in Centreville, Virginia

Loyal Hygiene is a family-run business in Centreville, Virginia, that aims to be the leading restroom, office, and commercial provider to offer services beyond paper and soap products. Loyal has been extending its reach and now provides regular service throughout Centreville and Virginia as a whole. In order to generate even more value for customers, Loyal has developed a rigorous set of cleaning solutions that tackle infections and maintain cleanliness. Utilizing science-backed methods for effective performance, Loyal stands out from the competition. This dedication to customer satisfaction resulted in the purchase of their current building, which was needed for expansion purposes. The team at Loyal Hygiene Solutions is committed to providing outstanding service at all times and ensuring that their clients receive a personalized business approach tailored specifically to them.



Whether you’re looking for an elegant addition to your workplace bathroom or a utilitarian solution for a facility, the Loyal Dispenser Program has the perfect solution. Our dispensers are easy to install and use, with either manual or automatic hands-free versions that give you excellent portion control. Additionally, our no-touch solutions prevent the spread of pathogens and help to enhance workplace hygiene. And all models come with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you won’t ever have to pay out of pocket for maintenance – it’s all included! Choose from two stylish colors – black or white – and be assured that your employees will appreciate the quality image these dispensers create.


The selection of foam soaps available from our company is second to none! From the luxurious lotion hand soap to the hygienic anti-bacterial option and the gentle head & body alternative, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. By choosing foam soaps, you could save money in the long run because they are designed to be more economical than regular bar soaps. So take advantage of our wide range today; it’ll leave your hands clean, soft, and happy!


By investing in a quality hand sanitizing program, businesses can reduce the spread of disease, protect their clients and keep their workplaces healthy. Our foaming hand sanitizer is specifically formulated to be highly effective against germs and bacteria, helping to ensure your customers feel secure in receiving your services or products. It also offers beneficial properties like aloe vera for hydration and a light floral aroma. Best of all, by implementing this safety measure, absenteeism due to illness can be substantially reduced so that your employees maintain consistent and dependable attendance. Investing in an appropriate sanitizing strategy has the potential to bring myriad benefits, ranging from the practical (i.e., less staff turnover) to the paramount (stronger protection against sickness).


Our soft and sturdy yet highly absorbent paper towels come in natural and white color options and provide a wide selection of shapes, styles, and diameters to suit your facility’s demands. Get what you need with the extensive selection of jumbo, two-ply toilet, or regular tissue rolls available. On top of that service that we bring to you is produced with Green Seal Certified sustainable materials and production processes, proving that your business actively cares about the environment.


Don’t let bad smells ruin your customer’s experience! Studies have shown that bad odors are the most off-putting nuisance for consumers, far outweighing even bad customer service. But don’t worry – with our range of air-freshening goods, you’ll be able to banish bad scents in no time! From auto-flush devices to urinal cleansers and urinal screens, we’ve got it all. Choose from five enticing fragrances, including English Garden Cinnamon, Tropic Wave, Raspberry, Citrus Blossom, and Grapefruit. Our standard-size air freshener dispensers feature three-way ventilation for optimal air movement and come in black or white. Plus, our modern micro dispenser is battery-free with recyclable refills. Last but not least, every dispenser is backed by a lifetime warranty – so you’ll never have to pay for maintenance again!


Entryways are the most important battleground against dirt, filth, and moisture entering your buildings. Research shows that up to 80% of environmental contaminants can be blocked with the right entryway mats. To ensure maximum protection against these hazards, Loyal provides high-performance mats that remove up to 60% more dust, soil particles, and moisture than disposable mats. Offering an extra layer of safety for your facility with its skid-resistant backing and preventing slips and falls on your premises, our floor mat service will regularly replace your dirty mat with a freshly laundered mat so you can rest assured that all dirt is kept where it belongs.


  • Available 24-7
  • Free Dispensers
  • Free Maintenance
  • No Upfront Investment
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Better Portion Control
  • Experienced Dispensers


We are 24-7 available to you and will react to your call for repairs or restocking within a few hours! Contact us for further questions!