Workplace Hygiene is Serious

Get Serious about Workplace Hygiene


5 Reasons to Get Serious about Workplace Hygiene Now

A dirty, sloppy workplace harbors a host of hazards—obvious and less obvious. Regardless of how obvious the hazard is, however, taking workplace hygiene seriously will prevent and solve many problems you may or may not have considered. Let’s look at just 5:

1. First Impression​​​​s Matter

So, let’s talk about the image issue. If you have a potential client over for a discussion and they need to visit the restroom, what will they find? Dirty toilets? A wet, slippery floor? An empty paper towel dispenser or soap dispenser? And what’s that smell? Any of those things can turn a potential client off to making a deal. But it’s not just clients. What about talented potential employees? What about your current employees? Keeping your restrooms, break rooms and all areas of the business clean will spread the right impression that you really care about everyone who comes through the door.

2. Happy Employees Work Better

Cleanliness matters to everyone, but especially the people who work in your facility. They have to spend their days there; the cleanliness of the facility can directly impact their attention and focus. If the restroom is smelly and unkempt, employees might avoid using it—causing even more distraction and discomfort. Ideally, you want the restrooms to be so clean and functional that employees hardly even think about them. A proper, professional restroom service can make sure that’s the case.

3. A Clean Workplace Means Fewer Sick Days

Getting down to brass tacks now—image and happiness, while hard to quantify, are extremely important in how successful your business will be, both from the customer side and the employee side. And while that’s not always easy to measure, there some things that are easier to measure. Like the fact that more than 4 million workers had to call in sick to work this January alone. That’s a lot of lost productivity. If you saw how easy it is to spread illness at work from our previous blog on the subject, you’ll know just how critical workplace hygiene is, and how important it is to get all the help you can in keeping restrooms, break rooms and commonly-touched surfaces clean. 3 easy ways to help cut down the spread of illnesses at work:

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4. Good Hygiene Stops the Spread of Disease

You’d be shocked at just how easy it is to spread germs around the workplace. In fact, it’s hard to stop them. Take a look at this journalist’s experiment to see just how easily germs spread. In addition to the company itself taking measures to keep the workplace clean, it’s important to get all the employees on board too. It directly impacts their quality of life as well as your bottom line! It’s all connected, so download this poster and place it in hotspots like the break room and restrooms.

5. Prevent Slips, Falls and Germy Floor Grime

Restroom floors can present all kinds of hidden hazards. People can track all kinds of germs in and out of the restroom and all over the office. So, keeping the floors clean daily and having the mop heads regularly changed out can really help cut down on the germs. Our regular floor mat service also helps reduce harmful microbes as well as preventing slip and fall dangers that can have your insurance company in fits.

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