How to Clean Office Workspace?

How Clean Is Your Office Workspace?

3 Urgent Reasons to Keep Your Office Clean


So, you think your office is pretty clean, do you? The unsung heroes of the janitorial staff roam through every night to empty the trash, vacuum and mop so things look pretty nice when you come in in the morning. But how clean is your office, really? How can you keep it clean? And why does it matter so much? Loyal Workplace Hygiene Solutions at 703.361.7888 knows the dirt about office cleanliness and workplace hygiene, and just because your office looks clean doesn’t mean it is. Here are 3 often invisible office cleanliness problems you need to deal with about if you want to keep a healthy office:

1. The Bacteria and Viruses all Over Your Office Desk

The average office is a place where many people congregate daily to talk, touch the same light switches, share keyboards, grab stuff out of the fridge, use the restroom and walk around with questionable things on their shoes. When cold and flu season rolls around, people may still be coming to the office to cough and sneeze before finally taking a sick day. And some illnesses are active and contagious even before a person who’s sick feels symptoms enough to keep them at home. All of this adds up to a minimum of 16 million active microbes hanging out on the average office keyboard. Your average office telephone, light switch, door handle, sink faucet, refrigerator door, etc. plays host to at least 25,000 germs per square inch, particularly in the “hot spots” that people touch the most. All of these communally-handled surfaces need a regular sanitizing to reduce the spread of illness. It’s also important to keep the hand soap dispensers in the restrooms and break rooms full and functional at all times and to have a company-wide workplace hygiene policy and training so that everyone uses them. Hand sanitizer dispensers stationed at doors around the offices also would not go amiss.  

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2. The Mold Spores Hiding in Random Corners of the Office

Mold spores are another invisible, yet insidious workplace hygiene issue that can cause all kinds of health hazards and illnesses, particularly in employees who may have allergies, asthma or other health conditions that make them sensitive to mold spores. Many mold spores can cause symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, skin rashes and frequent headaches. Mold loves to grow in damp places like restrooms, break rooms and other rooms where there might be moisture present. HVAC systems, leaky pipes and other places that need building repairs can also harbor mold that can spread throughout your office, so maintenance is an important issue for the health of your employees and your company’s bottom line. One way to help reduce mold spores, at least on the floors is to use a floor mat rental service. At Loyal Hygiene Solutions, we have a service that regularly changes out and launders the floor mats in your office, switching them out with fresh, clean, sanitary ones on a regular basis. This can significantly cut down on the amount of dirt and mold spores coming into the building from outside. Also, from the inside, our mop bucket rental service regularly switches your soiled mopheads and buckets out with fresh, clean ones so that your janitorial staff isn’t just wiping the floors with the same old dirt and mold spores. These to services can keep your whole office significantly cleaner.

3. The Real Financial Impacts of Illness Spreading at the Workplace

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have calculated the costs of sick workers over the years. This includes workers who have to stay home and workers who come in to work and can’t perform their jobs as efficiently as they normally would if they were healthy. Currently, they estimate that U.S. employers lose a total of about $225 billion each year, with a cost of $1,685 for each employee. While it’s harder to say how much that would translate to at each individual workplace, business owners and managers can probably run a few numbers in their heads to see just how much it can cost for them individually. Clearly, having a workplace hygiene policy and keeping a clean, hygienic workplace can actually improve profits and productivity, so it’s definitely a smart investment.

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