Why hand soap dispensers at work is very important

Importance of Hand Soap Dispensers at Work

5 Reasons You Must Have Working Hand Soap Dispensers​


One of the most unsung heroes of any restroom is the humble soap dispenser. Hanging there on the wall, it quietly waits until you want to wash your hands. Or does it? If your soap dispensers are frequently empty or not working, this is a major workplace hygiene issue.

It’s crucial, particularly during the colder months of the year when flu and other germs are everywhere, to ensure that your soap dispensers are at the ready at all times for these 5 crucial reasons:

1. Bar Soap Doesn’t Cut It

That messy, grimy bar of soap in the gross, slimy soap dish is probably grossing everyone out, so it’s not something you want your clients to see, or your employees to use, particularly if they’re handling food. Millions of bacteria and viruses can live quite comfortably in the slime encasing a communal soap bar, and people with weakened immune systems in particular run the risk of catching infections from this hand-washing method. A no-touch liquid or foam soap dispenser is far more hygienic and will lower infection risk for everyone who comes in contact with your organization.

2. Reducing Post-Toilet Touch Points Reduces Germ Spread

The fewer items you touch between the restroom toilet and the outside world, the better. Unfortunately, bar soap and older, non-functional dispensers are pretty blatant touch points where germs can congregate. Loyal Hygiene’s touch-free restroom soap dispensers remove one of these touch points, dispensing cleansing soap simply by sensing the presence of hands under the machine.

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3. Soap Dispensers Don’t Maintain Themselves, but…

Today’s modern restroom soap dispensers use a lot of great technology that makes them very reliable. They still need to be refilled every so often, of course, which is why you need a reliable restroom service company to regularly deliver and fill the soap supply while checking to make sure the soap dispensers are in good working order. You don’t want employees walking around after using the restroom without having enough soap to remove the ick first.

4. Modern Soap Dispensers are Cleaner

You know how bar soap very quickly leaves streaks and rings of crusty soap scum all over the sink and counter? That soap scum is prime breeding ground for germs. It looks nasty and your janitorial staff will not enjoy having to scrub it away every day. The soap we load our soap dispensers with creates a thick, cleansing lather, but does not leave any gross residue on the sink afterwards, so it’s a much better choice for everyone.

5. Hand Washing Literally Saves Lives, but…

Hand washing can only save lives if done correctly (or at all), with the right soap supply. Some highly alarming studies done by the CDC have shown that nearly everybody is doing it wrong and spreading more germs than they should. So download this free poster we have and make sure everyone in the office knows and follows correct hand-washing protocol. The long and short of it is this:

  • Wet your hands thoroughly and then use the soap dispenser.
  • Scrub your hands all over with soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Fully dry your hands afterward with a clean paper towel. Avoid air-powered hand driers because science has found some truly disturbing things out about those too.

NOTE: To avoid touching the faucet or restroom doorknob with your clean hands, use a paper towel too.

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