Office Hygiene - Common Issues to Look Out For

Office Hygiene – Common Issues to Look Out For

Having a hygienic office space is important for multiple reasons. It helps maintain better employee morale, gives an excellent first impression to clients and customers, and lowers the risk of workplace-related illness and injury. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the hygiene, or lack thereof, in your office, start making improvements by looking out for these common issues that are surprisingly easy to fix! 

Poor Personal Hygiene Practices

Employee personal hygiene has a big impact on overall office hygiene. If your employees can’t be hygienic for themselves, they won’t be able to on a larger scale for the entire office either! Personal hygiene can be improved by coughing or sneezing into your elbow, washing your hands frequently, and using hand sanitizer between hand-washing sessions. Wearing a mask or staying home if you’re sick is part of personal hygiene, too.

Improper Cleaning

Cleaning seems like the obvious answer to workplace hygiene, but a lot of offices let simple cleaning fall through the cracks. An office is too big for one person to keep clean. While you probably have a cleaning crew that does most of the heavy lifting, a cleaning schedule is an easy way to hold everyone accountable for doing their part in the workplace. 

Create a schedule for things commonly left undone and assign jobs to different people on different days. For fairness, you can even use a raffle or random list generator to create the schedule. Don’t forget to include things like the coffee maker, inside the microwave, and high-touch surfaces. 

Limited Hygiene Supplies

It may seem obvious, but keeping enough hygiene supplies on hand is essential to maintaining a clean office. Paper towels, various types of cleaners, hand sanitizer, air fresheners, disinfectant wipes, and disposable masks are just a few of the must-have hygiene supplies to keep on hand. 

Even if a larger cleaning crew handles the intensive cleaning, having a broom and mop on hand for hard flooring or a small vacuum for carpeted areas doesn’t hurt. The more accessible employees can access office hygiene supplies, the more likely they will maintain a hygienic space!

Employees Working While Sick

It’s in everyone’s best interest to stay home if you’re sick. It helps the sick person recover more quickly and protects other people in the office from catching a potentially contagious illness. Things like the common cold and flu can spread from one employee to the next until everyone is sick, and productivity takes a huge hit. Encourage sick employees to stay home. If possible, extend the number of sick days per year by allowing people to work remotely when they’re not feeling well.

Once you’ve gone through this checklist, contact Loyal Hygiene Solutions to find out more about how hiring professionals can improve your office hygiene!