You Need Mouthwash Dispenser at Your Workplace

Why You Need Mouthwash Dispenser at Your Workplace

3 Reasons You Need a Tamper-Proof Mouthwash Dispenser at Your Workplace


The problem with bad breath is that you are usually the last one to know if you have it. But you probably remember, very well and uncomfortably, the times when a co-worker, client or even your boss needed to chat with you and all you could think about was their halitosis. Maybe it was the coffee and doughnuts they ate 3 hours ago. Or the bagel, cream cheese and lox at lunch. Or the super garlicky leftover pizza in the break room fridge. Not the best way to engage in brainstorming, problem solving, deal making and customer service!

The fact is, smell is a very, very powerful thing. Among all the senses, it carries the biggest emotional punch and cements itself in your memory faster than sight, sounds, touch and even taste—which, of course, is connected to smell. So, for a better workplace experience for you, your customers, your employees and everyone who walks through your doors, here are 3 huge reasons to get a tamper-proof mouthwash dispenser (or 3) for your office:

1. Bad Breath is Distracting

If you’re trying to get an important point across in a meeting, or trying to convince a client to buy your product or service, you don’t want anything to sully your message. Bad breath will get in there and stomp all over it. Worse still, bad breath causes a bad first impression. If you want to put your best breath forward and cut down on unnecessary and unpleasant distractions, having easy access to mouthwash after your coffee break and lunch can make all the difference.

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2. Fresh Breath is Good for Oral Health at the Office

You don’t need to be a dentist to understand how important it is to keep your mouth clean and fresh. It’s often inconvenient for everyone to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste to work, but mouthwash can help! It kills halitosis-causing bacteria that stinks up your breath and also the sugar-bugs that can bore into your tooth enamel while you’re rifling through spreadsheets and running to the next meeting.

Another follow-on health benefit of providing a tamper-free, onsite mouthwash dispenser for your employees is that it can actually improve overall oral health for everyone, which can lower your dental plan costs!

But wait, there’s more: People are less likely to mess up their clean, fresh breath (or their waistlines) with doughnuts in the afternoon if they’re enjoying the freshness of a recent mouthwash moment. Again, health plan benefits for everyone in the office—in such a simple, pleasant way.

3. Fresh Breath Builds Confidence

It’s hard to focus on your own presentation or client meeting if you’re worried about that spicy sandwich you had at lunch. It’s really the little things that matter when being confident at work or with a client, and fresh breath goes a long way to making that happen. Having tamper-proof mouthwash dispensers located at convenient spots around your workplace can give you and everyone in the office a sense of confidence that, no matter what you all just ate, you can wash it away and make a great first impression all day long!

Loyal Hygiene provides sturdy, high-quality, tamper-proof mouthwash dispensers for the workplace, and we refill them regularly so you never need to worry about running out before the big meeting. Just contact Loyal Hygiene today at 703.361.7888 and enjoy all the benefits of fresh breath for everyone at your workplace.

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