Why you must have workplace hygiene policies at your business

Workplace Hygiene Policies

4 Things You Need for Your Workplace Hygiene Policy to Succeed


Not everyone follows the same personal hygiene rules, as everyone who’s ever cringed inwardly about someone not washing their hands after going to the restroom can attest. With that in mind, if you own a business, it’s important to establish a workplace hygiene policy that everyone has to follow equally, from the top down. This sets standards that help all of your employees understand the expectations. It can also help reduce the spread of germs and contaminants within the office, thereby protecting you, your employees and your clients. As Northern Virginia’s best workplace hygiene company, we can provide you with the tools to make sure it’s easy for everyone in your company to follow the rules too. Contact Loyal Workplace Hygiene Solutions at 703.361.7888 and we can help.

1. Specific Handwashing Guidelines

For many, washing hands after going to the restroom is the norm. However, there are some for whom this is not the norm. You’ve likely seen the signs in restaurant restrooms, or in gas station convenience shop restrooms. There are state ordinances that insist that any employee handling food wash their hands thoroughly after using the restroom. But it isn’t only employees who handle food who need to keep their hands clean like this. Germs spread in a variety of ways, and we know that frequent hand washing is a proven, simple way to prevent the spread of many infectious diseases, whether you work in food service or not. Make hand washing education part of every new employee training, and codify it in your company workplace hygiene policy so that everyone knows what to do, and how to wash your hands properly.

2. Make Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Readily Available

Doorknobs, computer keyboards, telephones, light switches, shopping cart handles, etc. are all notoriously covered in germs. Just turning a door knob after someone else who’s been ill and hasn’t washed their hands recently can transfer the germs to the next cookie that goes into your mouth. Also, if you work with the public, any number of customers can come and go, spreading germs here and there, regardless of your employee workplace hygiene policy. So, make sure that hand sanitizer dispenser stations are posted in strategic locations like near doorways where many people may use the same doorknob or light switch.

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3. How Not to Single Individual Employees Out about Hygiene Issues While Still Getting Results

This is one of the top concerns that managers and business owners tell us about when they call on us for assistance with their workplace hygiene problems. There are all kinds of issues that can crop up if you approach one individual employee about not keeping hygiene standards. This is why it’s important to train every new employee on the expectations at your workplace, so they know what the standards are, even if they grew up with different standards. It’s also important to make sure all new hires understand, as part of the training, why it’s so important to make good use of those soap dispensers in the restroom. Keep it simple, scientific and factual. Whenever a situation crops up where it’s possible that hygiene standards are not being kept, make a public, all-employee announcement, send out a company wide reminder email that does not single anyone out, but still reminds everyone that company policy dictates a certain standard of cleanliness.

4. What if Your Employees are Coming to Work Sick?

Many employees are afraid to miss work because they can’t afford the missed wages. Unfortunately, when you have employees coming to work sick, however, they put everyone else at risk of catching the cold, the flu, or whatever else is going around. This is why it’s important to consider that the health of one employee can impact the health of your business generally. How can you prevent the spread of illness at work through your workplace hygiene policy?  Include a certain number of paid sick days in your company policy to go along with your workplace hygiene policy. Encourage employees to stay home if they’re feeling ill. Make telecommuting an option, if possible. If an employee can stay home and rest and recover properly, they will be back to work in better shape sooner than if they try to keep working (often inefficiently because they’re ill) and spreading germs to all your other employees. And it will prevent more employees from coming down ill and slowing business down even further.

Having a strong, clear workplace hygiene policy in place and clean office work space can protect your business, your employees and your customers from all kinds of workplace health and safety dangers that you definitely want to avoid. It can keep business humming and everyone happy and working together for your company and the good of your customers. If you need help figuring out your workplace hygiene policy, just contact Loyal Workplace Hygiene Solutions today at (703) 361-7888 for a wide range of workplace hygiene services that can help you keep your employees and clients happier and healthier!

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