Advantages of Low Maintenance Floor Care

Advantages of Low Maintenance Floor Care

Not all floors are created equal. Each flooring type has its advantages, but some have a lot of downsides too! One of the most common complaints is how much time, and money has to go into maintaining floors. It’s even worse in high-traffic areas such as a store or workplaces. Low-maintenance floors shouldn’t be overlooked! If you’re on the fence about making the switch to low-maintenance floors, it’s time to make your decision a lot easier by seeing the advantages that come with low-maintenance floor care!

Save Time

Did you know that floor maintenance can take up to 80% of the cleaning budget for a facility? Stop wasting time and money by installing low-maintenance floors! You’ll need a fraction of the time and money to maintain your floors so you can focus on other areas of the facility in need of some TLC. In the world of cleaning and maintenance, time is money. Saving time on floor maintenance will save you money in the long run!

Gone are the days of wasting time and money stripping, refinishing, and repairing floors just to keep them functional. The maintenance that does need to be done is easy, so you won’t need to pay premium rates for a specialist to get the job done.

Improved Safety

Most low-maintenance floor materials are also slip-resistant. This helps lower the risk of falls and workplace injury. Less frequent refinishing and floor repairs will also lower the risk of harmful chemical exposure for your employees. Workplace injuries and illness related to the flooring would most likely be your responsibility to cover the cost. By improving the safety of your floors, you’re saving your future self in a big way.

If you can improve the safety of a space and make maintenance easier, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that?!


Low-maintenance floors are built to be extremely durable. The floors will last longer, making your investment well worthwhile. Fewer scratches, scuffs, and damages to the floors help extend the lifespan even more. The longer your floors last, the longer you can enjoy not paying for new flooring installation or battling a construction zone in your business. Other floors will need to be repaired or replaced by the time you’ve finished paying off the cost of installation.

If you keep up with the minimal maintenance required, the floors can last for decades to come!

Making the switch to low-maintenance floors is more achievable than you think! Contact Loyal Hygiene Solutions today to discuss low-maintenance flooring options, get a price estimate, and schedule the installation. Our team of flooring experts is knowledgeable about the benefits of low-maintenance flooring and can help you choose the right flooring for your business and budget!