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Benefits of Mop Bucket Rental Service

6 Benefits of a Mop Bucket Rental Service

Cleanliness one of the hallmarks of a responsible, trustworthy business. And when customers see an establishment that is clean and well-kept, it sets the right impression. At the same time, cleanliness is also an important part of the overall quality of your product or service. This is why cleaning is an important responsibility for your employees and janitorial staff, and you rely on them to get it right. But have you ever thought about how old the mops are that they’re using to clean the floors? Are they out of floor cleaning solution and don’t know where to get more? Does anyone really have time to rush out and get more? If these questions set you on edge when you have far more pressing business matters to worry about, it’s time to consider the 6 important benefits of a complete mop bucket rental service—then contact Loyal Workplace Hygiene Solutions to get started enjoying those benefits at your establishment: 703.361.7888.

1. High-Tech Commercial Rental Mops Remove More Soil and Moisture

Loyal Hygiene provides the latest technology in mop heads. If you never thought you’d hear the words “technologically-advanced mop heads” in a sentence, that’s OK. You have a business to run. But it’s important to understand that the standard mops and buckets you get from the store can only remove a small portion of the dirt and sop up some of the moisture while your team is tidying up. A large portion of the original dirt stays behind with the mop water and breeds who knows what. But Loyal Hygiene’s mop heads are made of dense, twisted microfibers that attract and trap soil and absorb more moisture during clean up, leaving your floors far cleaner than the ordinary mops you’re used to. Ask us to demonstrate our commercial mop bucket rental service, and you’ll see the difference immediately.

2. Total Mop Bucket Maintenance Service Includes Weekly Cleaning

In addition to removing more soil and moisture on every swish, if you subscribe to our mop bucket maintenance service, we come and switch out your soiled mops and buckets with freshly and professionally cleaned mop heads each week. This further decreases the amount of dirt and bacteria left on your floors, and our mop head cleaning process prolongs the life and maximizes the effectiveness each mop head for a very long time. You can feel incredibly good about this because your mops are fresh, clean and last much longer, creating less waste for the environment.

3. Mop Bucket Rental Service Improves Workplace Health and Safety

Every manger dreads the time when an employee, busy with a task, fails to notice the “Caution: Wet Floor” sign and slips and falls. It happens. And excess leftover dirt or spills can cause stickiness, bacteria spread and poor hygiene overall. Our advanced, regularly-cleaned mopheads drastically reduce these health and safety hazards at your business, which can save you money on liability costs and reduce employee sick and injury time. Keeping your employees safe and healthy can certainly help improve your bottom line! Furthermore, our mop bucket rental service team will do a service round at your building on each visit to inspect for any leftover dirt and remove it from your building too!

Of course, people notice how clean your offices or facilities are when they walk through. And cleanliness means something to people, particularly clients or prospective clients. A dirty, slippery, unsafe, unclean workplace says, “Whatever.” That is not the message you want to send to anyone, clients, employees or otherwise. On the other hand, using a commercial mat service like the one Loyal Hygiene provides, keeps dirt and moisture out of your building, which keeps the place looking fresh, clean and safe. This sends a completely different message to clients and employees: “We care about you, and we care about the details!” And that is exactly the message you want to send!

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4. Weekly Mop Bucket Maintenance Service Reduces Replacement Costs

If you’re still just using standard mops and buckets at your facility, you know that sometimes they don’t last that long, not to mention how gross they can get after only a few turns around building. By signing up for our regular mop bucket maintenance service, we eliminate these replacement costs—in terms of both time and money. When we take dirty mops back to our place for cleaning and maintenance, we check their general condition, make repairs and ensure that they are professionally cleaned so that the next time you see them, they are all as good as new. Each week, we leave you with clean, fresh, sanitary, fully-functional mops and buckets that are ready for the week ahead, so you never need to worry about it.

5. Outsourcing Your Mop Bucket Maintenance is Convenient

You have way too many other things to worry about at your business than what happens when the mop breaks or isn’t cleaned properly after soaking up a spill. In essence, signing up for our weekly mop bucket maintenance service is like having the one-stop mop shop come to you. If there is ever a problem with a mop, contact us immediately and we will take care of it so you and your employees can do what you do best without a second thought about the mops, buckets. Our comprehensive floor program comes with all of this and more, helping you maintain a sparklingly clean floor at your establishment throughout the week.

6. Our Managed Inventory Program Saves Trips to the Store

Our commercial mop bucket rental service comes with more than just the mops and buckets. Every week when we come to replace your soiled mops with fresh, sanitary mops, we also check your inventory of floor cleaning supplies to make sure you’re always stocked up and ready for anything. That way, you never have to take someone off of an important job to go pick up more cleaning solution. It’s all part of the entire program with Loyal Workplace Hygiene Solutions!

Contact Loyal Workplace Hygiene Solutions today at (703) 361-7888 to discover just how much cleaner and fresher your entire building can be with our top-notch mop bucket rental, maintenance and supply service.

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