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DC Considers Incentives for Businesses to Offer More Public Restrooms

Anybody who’s ever anxiously searched for a restroom in the Nation’s Capitol should be cheering a recent bill that would open up select business restrooms to the public. If passed, the measure would benefit the Washington, DC’s homeless population and reduce the number of people (and associated cleaning costs) who relieve themselves outdoor due to lack of facilities.

For affected businesses, the legislation of course raises questions–such as, “How will I manage the additional maintenance and supply demands?” Under the “Community Toilet Incentive” portion of the legislation, a Washington Business Journal article explained that businesses could be reimbursed up to “110 percent of the additional cost of maintenance and cleaning supplies resulting from the inevitable increase in the use of a business’s restroom.”

From the logistical side, Loyal Hygiene Solutions “Never Run Empty” plan can also help businesses manage the increased demand. Starting with an audit of your company’s needs, Loyal creates a custom dispenser installation plan and weekly delivery schedule to ensure that you always have what you need, with little overage or waste. Our 24/7 customer hotline also means that businesses can quickly adjust to changing supply needs. If you find that your business will be in a designated zone and want to learn how you could adjust to meet the increased demand, call Loyal for a free consultation: 800.368.3166. You can also read the legislation and view its progress here.