Electrostatic Disinfecting Service for Gyms, Fitness Centers, and Health Clubs

Electrostatic Disinfecting Service for Gyms

Electrostatic Disinfecting Service for Gyms

Electrostatic Disinfectant Spray for Gyms, Health Clubs, and Fitness Centers

As the pandemic drags on, so many businesses are struggling to find ways to stay clean so they can stay open while keeping their clients and employees safe. For gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs, this has been particularly concerning. In a place where the business model is literally sweating, touching equipment, and breathing heavily in the same rooms as other people, the problem of keeping the workout areas sufficiently sanitized and free of germs is dizzying, to say the least. Fortunately, Loyal Workplace Hygiene Solutions has an excellent electrostatic disinfecting service designed specifically for gyms and fitness clubs that uses a safe electrostatic disinfecting spray. The spray thoroughly covers and sanitizes frequently-touched surfaces in ways that sanitization by hand misses. 

Electrostatic Disinfecting service for Fitness Centers: How it Works

The electrostatic disinfection spray is applied to surfaces using a nozzle applicator that electrically charges the disinfecting solution as it leaves the applicator. When these electrically-charged droplets come out of the nozzle, they are repelled from the other droplets,  but strongly attracted to neutral surfaces (anything that isn’t another droplet, basically). As the droplets find the surfaces they’re spayed on, they spread out and coat all sides of those surfaces, creating a thorough coating on all sides of the object, including hard-to-reach spots that your cleaning crew might miss. Because our electrostatic disinfectant spray for gyms spreads out via this electric charge, it also doesn’t “pool” in spots, but spreads evenly to neutralize virus and bacteria particles over the totality of the surface. 

A Safe Electrostatic Disinfectant Spray for the Whole Gym

Loyal Workplace Hygiene Solutions’ electrostatic disinfectant spray is safe and effective at rapidly disinfecting large areas, including locker rooms, gym equipment, showers, saunas, and more. It’s been tested for safety and efficacy as well. Not only does our electrostatic disinfection service effectively bring viral particles in the gym or fitness center back to zero, but it’s a much faster and cost-effective way to sanitize a large area quickly and more thoroughly than by hand. This helps save your staff hours of wiping down each piece of equipment or shower area by hand, and protects them from possible exposure to virus particles as well as the areas can simply be sprayed from top to bottom and safely disinfected. 

Keeping Fitness Centers Open and Safe 

To say that it’s been tough for gyms and fitness centers to navigate staying open and keeping people safe during the pandemic is a major understatement. While making social distancing adjustments to keep patrons six feet apart, and offering multiple disinfectant wipes and sprays and hand sanitizer dispensers, not everyone remembers to use these tools every single time. And people often forget to wipe down every surface they’ve touched along their workout journey each day. Employing Loyal’s electrostatic disinfecting service for gyms gives everyone from your patrons to your employees another strong layer of protection and an important tool in your anti-viral arsenal.

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4 Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfectant Spray for Gyms

  • Our electrostatic disinfection spray not only neutralizes the coronavirus that spreads COVID-19; it also kills other pathogens that may be lurking on your equipment and in your showers and locker rooms. For example, the spray also neutralizes influenza virus, HIV, MRSA, and so many others. Overall, it will make your fitness center or gym a much cleaner, safer place to work and to work out.
  • The applicator delivers the electrostatic disinfection spray in a controlled, efficient way that provides the exact amount of charged solution needed to completely disinfect the target area. This prevents the hazards and waste of overuse.
  • Our electrostatic disinfecting service for fitness centers also saves a lot of time and reduces the burden on your staff. The spray applicator thoroughly and effectively disinfects large areas quickly and easily so your staff can stay safe and attend to more important tasks.
  • It also keeps your employees and clients safe and reduces the financial and hardship burdens associated with severe reactions from viral and bacterial infections.

Northern Virginia Electrostatic Disinfection Services for Health Clubs, Gyms and Fitness Centers

Loyal Workplace Hygiene Solutions in Northern Virginia has a robust suite of solutions to keep your workplace clean, safe, and open for business. Contact us today at (703) 361-7888 to find out about all of the different products and services available to keep every inch of your workplace clean so your employees and customers can stay healthy.

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