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Hand Sanitizer Dispensers In The Workplace

hand sanitizer dispenser being used

Now more than ever it is important to have hand sanitizer located throughout the workplace. It is crucial to help minimize the spread of germs between coworkers in the office. One great way to do this is by having hand sanitizer dispensers located in high-traffic areas so workers can utilize them throughout the day. At loyal hygiene solutions, we pride ourselves on providing quality hand sanitizer dispenser services to all of our customers! 

Picking The Right Location 

Identify the areas that get the most foot traffic throughout the day in your office. These are what we would like to call “germ hot spots”.  Germ hotspots are areas where there is most likely to be the highest transmission of germs. Some areas that may be potential germ hotspots are bathrooms, breakrooms, and hallways. In these locations install no-touch hand sanitizer dispensers that can serve as hand sanitizing stations that are quick and easy to use while on the go. This will greatly cut down on the spread of germs within your establishment. 

In addition, it is good practice to provide your employees with hand sanitizer for all of their workstations as items like keyboards and doorknobs are also hot spots for germs to collect. Employees should be sure to wipe down their workstations regularly to help prevent germs from spreading throughout the rest of the office. 

Hand Sanitizer Education 

Once all the hand sanitizer dispensers are installed in the proper locations now comes the next step..getting your employees to use them! Set aside time during the next company meeting to inform employees about the newly installed dispensers and establish what the expectations are for their daily use. Emphasize the importance of using them to cut down on the spread of germs and bacteria and explain the risks not using them poses to not only the employees but to their families as well. It is important everyone understands the importance of using these stations. Everyone must do their part to make them effective. 

Loyal Hygiene Solutions Hand Sanitizer Dispener Services 

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