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How to Eliminate Unwanted Office Odor

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With the pandemic getting under control more and more workplaces are pushing for going back to the office. A lot of offices spaces have been unused for months on end and potentially haven’t had a proper cleaning in some time. This creates the perfect environment for the odor to develop, and no one wants that! You can only mask unwanted odors with an air freshener for so long before this temporary solution no longer proves to be sufficient. If you don’t get rid of the problems at the source the germs with fester and spread, resulting in even more odor! Odor typically forms in the following places: drains, floors, and walls. Tackle the odor of the source so you can send your employees back to the office with a clean fresh smelling office this Spring. 

Drain Odor 

Drains located in kitchens, breakrooms, and bathrooms are the most common places for the odor to fester in the workplace. Drains provide the perfect place for debris and food particles to get trapped and running water is the vehicle for germs to grow and fester. Over time these drains will emanate an unpleasant odor that must be treated before the odor spread to other areas of the workplace. These unpleasant odors can be treated with liquid cleaners. Pour the cleaner down the drain and delight in the odor being eliminated. It is important to use cleaners on all drains even ones that aren’t used often to ensure that there is no chance of more odor developing. 

Floor Odor 

A floor is a place often overlooked when trying to combat office odor. The floor is actually overflowing with odor-causing bacteria, particularly in the grout of tile flooring. Grout can be difficult to properly clean and as a result, it is very easy for mold and mildew to mild up which has a tendency to develop an unpleasant odor that can even be unsafe to breathe in! The worst part about dirty floors is that foot traffic spreads these germs throughout the rest of the office! Luckily there are a few ways to go about treating grout mold such as using a spray vac system with a cleaning solution meant to target mold. You can also use a cylindrical brush and apply the cleaning solution manually. Once treated you must apply a sealing solution to prevent the build-up of further bacteria. 

Wall Odor

Walls may not seem like an obvious place to clean but you would be surprised with how much dust and dirt can accumulate, creating a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Where there is bacteria odor soon follows. Luckily walls are fairly easy to clean, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep odors at bay. Wipe down walls weekly with a cleaning solution to prevent odors from occurring at your workplace. 

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