How to Keep a Clean and Healthy Facility During Colder Months

How to Keep a Clean and Healthy Facility During Colder Months

The winter season is fast coming, bringing unique brutal temperatures and cleaning concerns. Even if you live in a region with mild winters, you should always be prepared for possible interruptions due to harsh weather.

There has never been a better moment to get ready than right now. Facilities managers may ensure the safety of their facilities and their tenants by taking precautions and maintaining them regularly.

Here are some things to consider in cleaning and having a health facility in the coming months due to the cold weather.

Recoat Solid Flooring

Ensure that your floors have a sufficient coat of finish before the cold weather sets in. Resolving the floor if the finish is damaged before the cold weather sets in is essential. Water, ice, and filth are no match for a floor that has been sealed with concrete floor.

However, the cooler temperatures might significantly impact the finish drying process, resulting in cracking and peeling. Scrubbing and recoating is the next best choice if your location already sees more excellent moisture conditions.

Applying a protective layer before any severe damage may save you time and money on floor stripping and refinishing.

Improve the Air Quality

In the colder months, poor indoor air quality may harm one’s health. Focus on keeping surfaces clean and free of dust. Contaminants like dust are dispersed into the air and then recirculated.

Winter’s dry air makes the skin and lungs more susceptible to inhalable pathogens. Verify that there is sufficient humidification. Before the cold weather sets in, ensure the vents are clean and the filters in the heater or furnace are changed.

Assess Building Illumination

Installing new outside lighting or rearranging the lighting in your building is a lot less of a hassle when the weather is nice. Changing to more energy-efficient bulbs, like LEDs, is a terrific project for the fall.

For this reason, LED technology can be relied on to provide enough lighting even on shorter winter days. Not only are LED lights very cost-effective, but they also need very little upkeep.

Decontaminate to Stay Healthy

Maintaining a clean and sanitary house is essential year-round, but it’s more critical when it’s chilly outside. Therefore, it’s crucial to take additional measures to ensure that your family stays well over the winter months, which are the peak seasons for colds and flu.

To ensure the health and safety of your family this season, call your usual home service and arrange for deep cleaning.

Preserve the Safety of the Approaches

Weather conditions in the winter, when rain and melting snow are more common, increase the risk of visitors slipping and falling. Be proactive in preventing accidents at your site by making the necessary preparations before the onset of cold weather.

Safety mats that are both slip-resistant and water-resistant should be placed at all building entrances. In addition, you should establish procedures for cleaning walkways and applying salt to prevent slip and fall risks before winter weather.

Prepared for the Winter?

As most of the nation emerges from winter maintenance, much of it is immediately met with mud season. Not as tricky as dealing with winter, but still an integral component of why we do what we do at Loyal Hygiene Solutions. Contact us at any time of the year if you need assistance maintaining a clean and secure building.