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Why You Should Eliminate Those Restroom Odors Now!


Eliminate Smelly Restroom Odors: 7 Pleasant Scents to Save the Day

As we go about our work days, our senses pick up on millions of stimuli from moment to moment. Our brains filter out what we need to focus on right now and what can go into the background for the time being. This is true of sights, sounds, and touch sensations. But smell? Not only is smell linked to our sense of taste, the sense of smell is also wired deeply into our brain’s limbic system (unlike the other senses). This part of the brain keeps track of our memories and emotions. In fact, even marketers are now using custom-designed scents to trigger people’s emotions in retail stores, hoping to influence them to buy more!

Consider this: how many times have you been walking down the street and suddenly the smell of delicious food from a restaurant grabbed your attention and made your mouth water? On the flip side: how many times have you been working quietly when someone in the office passed gas, completely distracting you with the awful smell?

Which leads us to the topic of restroom odors. We all have to use the restroom from time to time throughout the day, but do you dread it, or is it pleasant? The smell can make a significant impact on the emotional impact of your restroom on your employees, your clients, your students, visitors, etc.

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At Loyal Hygiene, we provide a host of restroom odor control options that can help make your restroom a happier place to visit. Consider one of these 7 scent options:

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a cozy smell associated with baking and home. But aromatherapy researchers have also found that the smell of cinnamon stimulates brain function, increases attention span, working memory and cognitive function. Consider if this might be a positive addition to your office restroom.

2. Raspberry

The scent of raspberry invokes feelings of summer, relaxation and, again, baking. It tends to have a focusing, relaxing effect on the mind, which can be good if you work in a fast-paced office with a lot of stressful situations. It is also good as a restroom odor control scent!

3. Grapefruit

The bright, refreshing, uplifting scent of grapefruit also has a slightly astringent quality that is superb at eliminating restroom odor. Emotionally and mentally, researchers have discovered that it is great for boosting moods, balancing emotions and focusing the mind.

4. Tropic Wave

Our tropic wave mixture is a very popular one, both for restroom odor control and for overall odor control in the workplace. It’s a great, sunny, refreshing mix of tropical fruit scents along with a breath of ocean waves. It’s a feel-good, happy scent that enjoys wide popularity, and it eliminates restroom odors very efficiently.

5. Citrus Blossom

Stress and anxiety are so common in today’s workplace, and can actually have a negative impact on productivity. Stinky restrooms don’t make it any better. But citrus blossom scents apparently do help with calm and focus! Researchers have hit upon the fact that the scent of citrus blossoms help bring anxiety and stress under control so that people can focus and manage their responsibilities better.

6. Pure Linen

Pure linen has that fresh, clean-laundry appeal that uplifts and brightens the day. It’s a more neutral scent than some of the others, so it may be a good choice if you have people in the office who are extremely sensitive to smells. Even though it has a more neutral smell, it still works great for restroom odor control.

7. English Garden

Our English Garden odor control scents provide a mixture of florals that are calming and uplifting. They tend to evoke pleasant memories of home and gardens, so they make people feel comfortable and grounded. Again, it’s subtle enough that it isn’t overpowering for those sensitive to smells, but it’s just right for eliminating a malodorous restroom.

Eliminating restroom odors makes good sense for every office and workplace, and each of Loyal Hygiene’s restroom odor control scent options can make restroom visits a more pleasant experience. And we have several different odor control products and options, so you can choose one that will work best in your workplace restroom. For example, in addition to the discreet black or white, 3-way ventilated odor control dispensers that use a silent fan to disperse the pleasant scent, we also have urinal and bowl cleansers that release scent with every flush, auto flush units and urinal screens.

To make visits to your restroom a pleasant experience for noses throughout the office, contact Loyal Hygiene today. Everyone will be glad you did.

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